Farmstand Credit

Each year, we offer Farmstand Credit—an opportunity for our customers to deepen your relationship with our farm by becoming an early investor in farm produce.   If you are able to prepay $500 now for your purchases this year at our farmstand and the Vashon Farmers Market, we will set you up with $540 in a credit account or add it to your existing credit account.  You could consider it a prepayment to receive a discount on produce you might buy anyway, or you could consider it a loan.  You are lending us $500 to help us with early season expenses and we are paying you back $540 in produce.  The additional $40 in produce approximates 8% interest, which is better than any bank will pay you for your $500.  You can use the credit until it runs out–there is no time limit.  This is a great option for those who prefer more choice week to week than a CSA share offers.

Spring for us is the time when we spend a lot on supplies while our sales are relatively low.   Prepurchasing your produce in early spring helps us simplify early season cash flow. We welcome this prepurchase agreement any time of year. We’ve also found that we enjoy seeing you, our “investors”, regularly at the market when you come and ask us to “put it on the account!”

2016 CSA Shares

We are not offering CSA shares in 2016.  We encourage you to consider Farm Stand credit instead.  See above.

Late 2013 CSA bag contents, photo by CSA member Richard Sedgley

If you want a consistent supply of delicious local produce throughout the growing season, you enjoy seasonal eating, and you are interested in strengthening your connection with our farm, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) share may be for you.

Here is what one person said about her share in our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program: “The quality has been second to none and I will miss the share over the winter… It is a wonderful feeling of community when one pays a small local farm to grow one’s produce and in return get delicious organic veggies for one’s family. I do not have a green thumb so this system works great for me!!”

CSA members pick up their shares at the farm on Tuesdays from late May through mid October. Click pff 2015 brochure for our brochure in pdf format for a more detailed description of what a CSA member received last year.

What you get when you join our CSA:

  • Weekly produce shares of very fresh delicious produce from late May through mid October
  • A direct relationship with the people who grow your produce and the land where it is grown
  • An opportunity to support the local economy and ensure the preservation of island farm land

About Produce Shares:

Produce Shares will be available on Tuesdays, starting between mid May and early June and lasting for 20 weeks. A share will be made up of a diverse selection of our best fresh seasonal vegetables along with some berries and plums. We aim to provide CSA members with at least $575 worth of produce, and often sail well past that mark.

We hope that in the diversity of produce we provide you will discover some new foods, or learn that you like things you didn’t know you liked. Our main goal though is not to stretch your tastes but to please you with mostly familiar foods.

If you would like to purchase a CSA share in the future, please contact us to check to see if we will have shares available. You would pick up a bag of produce each week during the CSA season. We will choose the contents of the bag.