CSA, Farmstand Credit

Farmstand Credit

Each year, we offer Farmstand Credit rather than a CSA. This is an opportunity for our customers to deepen their relationship with our farm by becoming an early investor in farm produce.   If you are able to prepay $500 now for your purchases this year at our farmstand  we will set you up with $540 in a credit account or add it to your existing credit account.  You could consider it a prepayment to receive a discount on produce you might buy anyway, or you could consider it a loan.  You are lending us $500 to help us with early season expenses and we are paying you back $540 in produce.  The additional $40 in produce approximates 8% interest, which is better than any bank will pay you for your $500.  You can use the credit until it runs out–there is no time limit.  This is a great option for those who prefer more choice week to week than a CSA share offers.

Spring for us is the time when we spend a lot on supplies while our sales are relatively low.   Pre-purchasing your produce in early spring helps us simplify early season cash flow. We welcome this pre-purchase agreement any time of year. We’ve also found that we enjoy seeing you, our “investors”, at the farmstand when you come and ask us to “put it on the account!”


We are not offering CSA shares any longer.  We encourage you to consider Farm Stand credit instead.  See above.

photo by Richard Sedgley