Farm Stand

Our farm stand is easy to find on 107th Ave between Cemetery Road and 204th Ave on Vashon Island. You can’t miss our sign out front, and the farm stand is near the road next to our driveway. There’s parking between the farm stand and the road.

Throughout the year we stock the stand with produce and eggs. Buying from our farm stand is simple, easy and convenient. Simply pick out the eggs and/or veggies you want and drop your money in the box. Or, you can also pre-purchase credit and keep track of your own balance.

We don’t want anyone to feel weird coming to the farm to buy from us, so if you have questions please ask! The farm stand is there to be convenient for you! We hope you feel welcome. Sometimes we check the stand to add fresh items or check inventory and we always love it when we meet a customer!

The farm stand works on a honor system and is not pay what you can! We depend on income from the farm stand to make a living! Please enjoy this convenience and don’t abuse it.

Sign up to be notified

You can sign up with us to be notified when we harvest and stock the farm stand. We send out an email telling you what is in the farm stand most weeks during the harvest season. Click here to join the list!

Pre-Purchase Farm Credit

Purchase $500 credit any time and you’ll receive a bonus $40 of credit (for a total of $540 in Farm Credit). Then redeem your credit either at our farm stand or our farmers market booth throughout the year.

By pre-purchasing your produce by either of these means, you also help us navigate keeping our bills paid until the main season produce comes in.

Eggs and Other items:

We sell eggs throughout the year in our farm stand. We have the most eggs in the Spring and the least in December. We usually put them in the farm stand by 8 a.m. weekdays and later on weekends. Occasional we send emails offering beef or chickens for purchase.

We sometimes contact food producers who provide exceptionally good food (notably Booth Canyon Orchards) and make their goods available to our friends through our farm stand. We also will offer preservation quantities of certain foods (basil for pesto, cucumbers for pickles, for example) to purchase during the growing season.