Heartstone School and Summer Camp

Farming Adventure Camp

SESSION 1: June 19-21, 2018 • 9am-1pm, Ages 4-6 or 7, $125

SESSION 2: August 7-10, 2018 • 9am-2pm, Ages 7-11, $195

For both sessions, children will spend the whole day outdoors, starting with morning chores at Plum Forest Farm caring for the animals, then moving onto the specific work of the season.  Activities include harvesting, planting, preparing food, and eating farm crops.

Session 2: After our farm work and play, we will pack up our lunches and hike to a different natural area each day.  Our hikes will lead us to Island Center Forest and Land Trust properties at Matsuda Farm, Judd Creek, and Singer Farm where we will explore the wild beauty, life and abundance of summer on Vashon Island.  Expect games, singing and adventurous wandering.  Parents will pick up their children at these different sites, all within 2 miles of the farm, at the end of the day.

Instructors: Joanne Jewell, Rose and Mira Jewell-Peterson

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Heartstone PreSchool/Kindergarten has its own new website beginning Spring 2018.  

Check us out at heartstoneschool.us for more photos, information and our new Blog!

In Fall of 2018 Heartstone School will be open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am-1pm.  Families can choose a one, two or three day enrollment.

Tuesday we are adding our Wise Child program for the older children. Wise Child is a story based, artistic introduction to letters and numbers.


In Fall of 2013, Joanne Jewell became director and lead teacher of Heartstone preschool which moved here to Plum Forest Farm.

Heartstone School curriculum is inspired by Rudolf Steiners’ Waldorf kindergarten and is infused with wild nature and the cultivated farm that is the school’s home.  Children spend about half of their day year-round outdoors on the farm and in the woods, then come inside for lunch, art, cooking and story.  Children get to know and help care for the farm animals, learn the rhythm of the seasons and farm tasks, and taste the food that is coming from the earth throughout the year.

The school is a gentle first step away from home for the young child and will meet three days a week  in 2018-19, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 9:00am-1:00pm. Heartstone welcomes children ages 3 1/2 -6.  On Wednesday mornings next year we will be offering the Wise Child Main Lesson in the morning for our 4 1/2 -6 year olds–an artistic, story-based introduction to letters and numbers. Wise Child will be led by Teacher Jane Valencia.

We are currently answering inquiries about our 2018-19 program. Cost for the 3 day, 9 month program is $375/ month with an additional one time supply fee of $150.  Two day (Tues/Thurs) or one day (Weds) options are also available for $275 and $150 per month respectively.

For the 2017-18 school year we will offer an optional three week Monday Enrichment block each quarter.  Sessions can be joined separately with payment made directly to instructors. Block courses may include: Clay Art with Aruba Clay Works (Fall), Yoga for Children (Winter) and Creative Movement (Spring).

Meet Director Joanne Jewell:

Joanne Jewell and her husband Rob Peterson have owned and operated Plum Forest Farm since 1999.

Joanne studied Waldorf Education at Sound Circle in Seattle where she completed the Foundation Year in Waldorf Education in 2005.  She was an assistant teacher at Heartstone with Heather Carrie in 2004-2005 when her young daughter Mira (now 19) was a student there.  Later on, second daughter Rose (12) was also a student at Heartstone from 2009-12, so the Jewell-Peterson family has been involved with the Heartstone community for many years.

Joanne is concurrently an instructor with the 4-6 year old Wind Gatherer clan each Friday at Camp Sealth with the Vashon Wilderness Program.  We encourage families to consider joining this program too, as it is an excellent complement to Heartstone Pre-School.  (For more information go to www.vashonwildernessprogram.org). Joanne has training and teaching experience in Coyote Mentoring, animal tracking, Spanish language and horticulture, and enjoys singing, telling stories, cooking and making magic with children.

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